If I'm not playing with Lego, I can be found editing music videos and commercials at Trim Editing in London.

I've been lucky enough to cut with some of the best directors working today and am always on the hunt for exciting new projects.


If you'd like to talk, I can be found here. For any bookings please ask nicely at production@trimediting.com or call +44 207 729 9666 


Gold / ADC Awards 2020 / Editing
Mercedes - Bertha Benz

Gold Award / LIA 2019 / Editing
Mercedes - Bertha Benz

Graphite Pencil / D&AD 2015 / Editing for Film Advertising
Honda - The Other Side

Nominee / British Arrows Craft 2015 / Best Editing
Honda - The Other Side

Nominee / UK Music Video Awards 2012 / Best Editing
Florence & The Machine - Shake It Out 

Nominee / UK Music Video Awards 2011 / Best Editing
Little Comets - The Isles

Nominee / UK Music Video Awards 2010 / Best Editing
Hadouken! - Mic Check